Customer Group - Task Form Layout Settings

In this screen the fields requiring action or information from the client are set up for the creation of a new task.
Customer Group - Task Form Layout Settings

Task Field List

This lists the available fields that the client is required to enter or select when creating a task.
Within the Client Portal the client will see a screen like this requesting information to create a task:


Add in a new field for the client to be asked to fill in.
Options are:
Please note Task Type and Task Type Questions information is here.
When adding a task field you will get a screen like this:
The Name and Label text are pre-populated. The Label Text can be modified.
Enter in validation text if you are requiring the user to enter in correct information.
Enter in the Text position.
Define if the field is requiring a response or if it is read only.
If the user is to select an option from a drop down list, tick that option on.


Click Edit to modify an existing task field.


Click to remove a field from the task creation screen.

Task Wizard Mode

Tick this to enable the Task Wizard Mode.