Customer Group -  General Settings

Customer Group -  General Settings

Group Name

Give the group a meaningful name.

Email To

Enter in the default internal email address for this group.

Receive a copy of Task Queries

Tick this on to have the Customer Groups global email to receive a copy of Task Queries as well as the staff person the task is assigned to.

Receive New Task Notifications

If this setting is enabled when a new task is created by a client within the Client Portal then the above email address will receive a notification email of that tasks creation.

Enable Customer Task Visibility

This setting will allow users assigned to the group to see tasks assigned to jobs.

Allow Customer to Add Tasks

Allow a client to add new tasks against jobs.

Allow Customer to Edit Task

Allow clients to edit existing tasks.

Allow Customer to Upload Attachments

Allow the client to upload attachments to a task.
These will be available to TimeTrak/TaskTrak users in TimeTrak Professional and in TimeTrak Mobile.

Allow Customer to Add Contacts

When this option is ticked on then if the client is assigned to this Customer Group they will be able to add in a new contact against a Task when it is being created. This saves immediately to the Contacts in MYOB Exo.

Allow Customer to Edit Contacts

This will allow the client to edit the contacts assigned to their accounts.

Task Grid Layout

When a user clicks on the Task Grid Layout button they will be given the columns they would like to display in the Task View List for their customers:

New Task Defaults - Assigned to

Select if Client Portal Tasks are assigned to Unallocated, the Lead provider or the Secondary Provider.

New Task Defaults - Group

Select which staff user group the tasks will be assigned against.

New Task Defaults - Status

Select the Task Status that the task will default to.

New Task Defaults- Urgency

Choose the default Urgency of the Task.