TaskTrak  - Response Settings

If the organisation has clients with service level contracts, Response levels can be set up here for tasks against a client.
Response Levels are enabled in the TaskTrak Administrator Console but require initial setup and assignment at the customer level in MYOB Exo.
There is an extra field to be set up against the Debtors (DR_ACCS) and Job Tables (JOBCOST_HDR) and need to be setup via ExoConfig as  the extra field X_Responselevels.
TaskTrak  - Response Settings

TaskTrak Response List

This is the list of available Responses which can be assigned to a client or job in MYOB Exo.
These are in number order down the list and increment from 1.


Click Add to create a new response level.
This creates an entry in the MYOB Exo database into a table called X_ReponseLevels and adds extra fields against the Dr_Accs and JobCost_Hdr tables.
Give the Response a meaningful description, enter in the hour value and the priority.
Assign a Task Type and Task Category. 
If tasks are to be created within work hours, select the tick box.
Enter in help text if required.


Edit the details of an existing response level.


Click to remove a response level.